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Resident Evil Village is an action adventure game, which is the eighth installment of the main series of popular survival horrors, created since 1996 by the Japanese studio Capcom. Work on the new part was officially announced in June 2020, during the PlayStation 5 presentation. The title is a direct continuation of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, although unlike the seven, the action of the sequel was set in a snow-covered Romanian village and its surroundings, including the towering over her castle. The player takes on the role of Ethan Winters, following the actions of opponents from the first person perspective (FPP).


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Three years have passed since the events presented in the seventh part. Ethan and his wife Mia live in Romania, under close surveillance by the BSAA. Recently their daughter Rosemary appeared in the world. The couple tries to lead a quiet life, but the nightmare they experienced in Louisiana still looms over them. The action of the game begins atypically, namely with a disturbing story that Mia reads to her daughter for bedtime. When the girl falls asleep, her parents discuss a dark fairy tale for a while, which turns out to be a local story. The woman sees nothing wrong with her, but Ethan is not thrilled. The subject is abandoned and Mia goes to make dinner, not yet knowing that this is the last meal she will come to prepare. During the next exchange, the woman is hit by a series of bullets and falls to the floor. The attacker is Captain Chris Redfield - the man who was supposed to keep her safe. Chris enters the apartment and kills a dying woman. Moments later, Ethan is captured and his daughter is taken by one of the soldiers. The protagonist loses consciousness. He wakes up only in the snow, near a corpse and an overturned vehicle. Wanting to find out what happened to his daughter, the man sets off on his way as soon as possible, eventually ending up in an unknown village, isolated from the rest of the world.


Resident Evil Village for android

As in Resident Evil 7, the game offers a first-person view and places more emphasis on exploration. In this part, we get acquainted with the title village and several surrounding locations, including the Dimitrescu Castle. In addition to exploration, the main goal of the game is to fight the enemies you encounter, solve logical puzzles, and above all collect four valuable vials, each of which has been located in one of the key locations. RE8 offers us a variety of opponents. Each of them has special abilities, and some creatures are also in possession of weapons. One of the first creatures presented to us are the Lycans, who made a nest in the village, treating the rest of its inhabitants as their food. Werewolves stationed in this area use more than claws and teeth in combat. They can also use various types of weapons, including bows and arrows. Another kind of terror lurks in the castle, which is ruled by the mysterious Alcina Dimitrescu and her demonic daughters. While exploring the dungeons or the outer areas of this vast location, you can come across the undead, charging the hero with swords or attacking from the air. While they are not so dangerous alone, in a group they can cause us quite a few problems. However, the aforementioned women pose a much greater threat. When confronting one of them, we usually have nothing else to do but escape, but there are sequences in which the fight is inevitable.

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  • Open the game, It will download obb and data files and game will start after downloading.

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